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The benefits of anytime/anywhere online speech therapy and occupational therapy include:

Flexible Access to Top-Notch SLPs

With Learning Solutions schools are no longer limited to locally-based SLPs, but can draw from our larger statewide network of highly qualified, certified therapists, available whenever needed. Schools also get better access to specialists and culturally and linguistically diverse SLPs

Better Outcomes

The combination of greater access to high-quality SLPs, improved availability and scheduling flexibility, and Positive outcomes are validated by a large body of research

Happier Kids and Parents:

Having grown up with digital technology, kids love the online video interactions and computerized games and activities. Better outcomes, happier kids, and improved reporting and communications, in turn, lead to very high parent satisfaction levels

Extremely Easy to Set Up and Use

All that’s required is a computer with an Internet connection, a webcam, and an audio headset

Acknowledged and Accepted by Leading Agencies:

Including the Mayo Clinic and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association


*Web-based occupational therapy and speech and language services are offered within a 60 mile radius

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