Special Education Consultation

Through collaboration with district administration, Learning Solutions consultants offer assistance with the delivery of special education services. The focus is to assist the district in meeting specific and systemic needs by providing leadership in the area of special education.

Focus on supporting district special and general education staff using existing resources by:

  1. Coordinating and providing professional development activities
  2. Assisting with service delivery design, implementation, and evaluation
  3. Providing information on current federal, state and local mandates and guidelines
  4. Providing research on new methods, strategies, and materials related to special education
  5. Providing consultation to district staff and administrators

Customized services to meet current district needs, which might include:

  • Supervising specific district programming
  • Assisting in the staffing and interviewing of special needs personnel
  • Assisting staff in meeting specific due process components
  • Development of individualized behavior plans
  • Coordination of IEP meetings
  • Development of student transition plans
  • Conducting student observations
  • Development of service delivery systems for students with disabilities

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