Overview of School Psychological Services

School psychologists provide a range of services to assist children and adolescents in their learning, growth and development by providing supportive services to help students meet academic and emotional challenges. School Psychological services consist of direct and indirect interventions that require involvement with the entire educational system, including the students, teachers, counselors, administrators, other school personnel, families, community agencies, and a variety of others that may be important on an individual basis. School Psychologists tailor their services to the particular needs of each child/adolescent and each situation. Some of the core services of a School Psychologist include: Consultation Assessment Intervention Education and Prevention.

School psychologists are unique in the educational setting, because their training equips them to provide psychological evaluation and facilitate mental health service delivery in the schools, while at the same time supporting the learning process, child development and the understanding of educational systems. School psychologists serve as a vital part of the Student Services team and work closely in conjunction with school counselors, nurses and administrators in the delivery of services to address the educational, emotional and social and career needs of students and families.

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