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Parent Education classes are made available to parents & caregivers in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Through curriculums such as Nurturing Parent and Active Parenting that adapt to the communities in which they are taught, parents learn positive parenting techniques that help them with their children.

These classes help promote healthy relationships between family members.

“Families First Parenting Class”

Learning Solutions mission is to address each individual family’s needs through structured curriculum and training. We offer four 6-week sessions per year. Sessions are co-led by psychologists and intervention specialists. Our aim is to help parents through our Co Parenting Class and Parenting Class, learn how to restructure their family and renew their parenting skills to provide a secure, supportive, comfortable, and structured environment to help their children blossom and grow.

All children deserve happy childhood memories. And, parents, we deserve a loving home that fosters positive relationships. And WE deserve to enjoy our families more! Our Co Parenting Class is $300.00 and our Parenting Class is $200.00 for the entire six week session.

Key Areas:

  • The keys to creating a close happy family
  • How to discipline without yelling or anger
  • The trick to stop arguing with your child
  • How to help an angry child
  • How to prepare for the teen years
  • The power of your words
  • Character development
  • Bedtime, homework, sibling rivalry
  • Chores, tattling, room cleaning.
  • Allowance, back talk, staying calm.
  • Stress Reduction techniques

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