of Tuesday, March 23, 2010 Strikes and marches – Primary: and if we worked on Wednesday morning – Programs SES: suite (? and end) – Strikes and marches Several hundred thousand people marched this Tuesday, March 23 in many cities in France as part of a day of action for employment, wages and pensions. Most unions have expressed "pleasantly surprised" by the importance of mobilization. This was an inter-movement intended to influence economic and social policy of the government (purchasing power, employment and pensions …). But teachers formed a good part of the processions. The strikers were the primary 29.8%, the ministry said, and 52% after SNUipp-FSU, the main union of the primary, far more than in previous strike days. Secondary teachers were fewer (14.9% to over 40%, according to sources). Primary: and if we worked on Wednesday morning? The press wakes up. Le Parisien and Le Figaro come to realize that the return of circular was issued on 18 March. Le Figaro as "school rhythms: and if we worked on Wednesday morning? "And Le Parisien:" 5-day week, the return ". Recall that the four-day week was introduced in September 2008, following the reform of the primary set up by Xavier Darcos, which suppressed during Saturday morning against the opinion of a large part of the school community and chronobiologists. The minister was then defended by stating in February 2009: "I remember that I left the choice to the school councils to choose four days, four days and a half.". But in fact, the courses focused on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. From the department, says Le Figaro recognizes that the issue of school time is a sensitive issue. "Unable to return on Saturday morning, says one Rue de Grenelle. It is now a political symbol. We can not seem to disavow Xavier Darcos (which is not bad at the moment …). But the four-day week is criticized from all sides. The days are too heavy for children. "Hence the drafting of circular frame whose tone is a little Jesuit," The presidents and school inspectors, said the circular will be attentive to the management of school timetables, in conjunction with local authorities, parents students and teachers. By targeting mainly the child’s interest, they will study the most appropriate forms to the student’s needs. The organization of the week in nine half-days (Monday to Friday including Wednesday morning) is encouraged whenever it meets membership. ". It remains to school councils to slice and arbitrate between the interests of children do homework online for money
and family, economic, associative, political …. SES program suite (? And end) Few academic programs and disciplines (except for history and geography) had so much media attention. It is an article of the World informs us that the new project of economic and social sciences programs (SES), as amended after the criticism against him was released Monday by the Ministry of Education trade unions It should be examined in the preparation of the higher Council of education April 1, adds it to the Ministry, stressing that it was still "amendable". A first draft program, subject to the consultation end of January was, we remember, sparked an avalanche of criticism, especially because of the disappearing themes program of "employment" of "unemployment" of "inequality "of" purchasing power ". He was also accused of offering only reduced up to the social sciences in relation to the economy. The decree provides five major project "exploration themes" each with two questions instead of four themes in the initial release. The fourth theme, originally called "individual choices and social choices" becomes "training and employment". A fifth, entitled "individuals and cultures" is added. In the first theme ( "households and consumption"), appears the concept of "purchasing power", which was not in the first draft. In the second theme ( "business and production"), is the concept of "added value". In the fourth ( "Training and Employment") is introduced the concept of unemployment, under the question "unemployment: excessively high labor costs or lack of demand?" Moreover, while he was initially asked teachers to study "at least the first ten issues," the draft order requires dealing "must first issue of each of the five themes and at least eight of the ten issues proposed ". The Association of Economic and Social Sciences Teachers (Apses), welcomed, on Monday March 22 that the program "has demonstrated progress that address the criticisms made by the teachers of SES." In my humble opinion, some questions remain, including that of the heaviness of this program and adapting students to Second. Both criticisms are always delicatse to make. On the cumbersome, it is (too) easy to answer it depends on how teachers design their courses and that it is their fault always want to say too much and do. Anyway, a number of questions, the prerequisites for understanding complex concepts deserve spends time and that offers various activities. In an hour and a half, is that possible? On the second adaptation of students, there also criticism is debatable. If we ask this, it contends that it is you who miss ambition for your students and it is quite possible to pass complex concepts with teaching talent and building a rigorous method. But to adapt to the students, but also address issues that make sense and create interest and motivation. endless debate. Good reading… ——————————————— – Liberation.fr of 23/03/10 (some paid items) "the reform breaks the training system" Thierry Cadart, the CFDT Sgen explains the discontent of teachers on strike today. Read more of the article Facing a ground state, unions fighting the pavement Two days after the elections, the government will pay attention to the first mobilization Inter for five months, who wants to defend jobs, wages and pensions. Read more of the article In the Bordeaux train, the fight to save teaching adapted On one stone: the demonstration, strike, "for everything" for national education, pensions, for the function public in general and for his school in particular. Valerie Demanes teaches in the E.R.E.A a hotel on the outskirts of Bordeaux, between Hailsham and Eysines, which serves students with severe disabilities, and offers them a suitable education. They are 177 aged 6 to 20 years, they evolve from primary to vocational school and in September they would lose seven teaching positions, more than 20% of their swept operating resources. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 23/03/10 Rhythms school: and if we worked on Wednesday morning? A circular of the School Education Department wants to return to the four-day week. Read more of the article College in the morning, afternoon sports a circular DEGESCO raised the issue of college rhythms. "In addition to the compulsory teaching of physical education and sport enjoyed by each student throughout his schooling, stated the School Education Department, the sports association provides volunteer students the opportunity to practice one or more activities sports. The development experiences of school time for releasing daily sport important beaches are to be developed. "In other words, it would be to build on the German model, and attempt a concentration of courses in the morning when students are most concentrated, to spend the afternoon sports practices within institutions, through domestic sports associations to colleges. The question is what are the institutions that dare taking on board the suggestion of the Ministry. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the Monde.fr of 23/03/10 A new program of "eco science" for seconds Association economic and social science teachers (Apses), welcomed on Monday March 22 the new project of economic and social sciences programs (ITS), published the same day by the Ministry of education, "has demonstrated progress that address the criticisms made by the teachers of SES." Read more of the article The Capes sign language opens the tests on computer C AO: Capes computer assisted. National education, which is very large consumer, she will be enriched by a new logo? The 44 candidates who passed their tests Capes (certificate of aptitude for the professorship of secondary education), Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 March, have been doubly figure precursors. Read more of the article Unions "pleasantly surprised" by the scale of the mobilization Several hundred thousand people marched Tuesday, March 23 in many cities of France as part of a day of action for employment, wages and pensions. Most unions have expressed "pleasantly surprised" by the importance of mobilization. According SUD, at least 600 000 people participated in 177 events. A preliminary estimate of the CGT spoke of a "higher number." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 23/03/10 (a day late) Nothing seen … —————————— ———————- Le Parisien (some paid items) of 23/03/10 Saint-Denis: the college closed after the attack the main the aftermath aggression Senior Assistant of Jean Lurcat College of Saint Denis, the students found closed doors Tuesday morning. The staff of the establishment have "all exercised" their right of withdrawal; indicates the Senior Advisor of Education (CPE), Vita Boeno. Read more of the article Week 5 days return The class on Wednesday morning? The Ministry of Education is not opposed. Decryption. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 23/03/10 ——————————– —————- echoes (some paid items) of 23/03/10 teacher organizations expect a change of course positions deletions, working conditions, upgrading, pensions … So many areas of concern that should mobilize this morning in Education. Read more of the article New Test for the minimum reception service in schools Minimum reception service (WFS) in primary, controversial measure introduced in 2008, will undergo a new test when interprofessional day Tuesday, after yet known resistances during the previous strike in schools in January. Read more of the article A doctor killing eight school children with a machete in China A doctor massacred with machetes eight children in a primary school in south-east China Tuesday and injured five others before being arrested, reported Xinhua. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 23/03/10 strike movement and demonstrations Tuesday: hundreds of thousands of people in the streets Several hundred thousand people demonstrated Tuesday all over France against the economic policy and social government, the call of most unions who said they were "surprised" by the importance of mobilizing hitherto obscured by the regional elections. Read more of the article Unions reject the notion of social third round They want to distance themselves from political, not to disqualify their action … Read more of the article The return of the week five days in primary schools? As Xavier Darcos it a year ago, Luc Chatel wants to give a morning more schoolchildren … Read More Article ——————– —————————- Rue89 of 23/03/10 ———- Nothing seen … ————————————– Ouest-France Over 500 of 23/03/10 000 people in the streets against the government policy Several hundred thousand people demonstrated on Tuesday across France against the economic and social policy of the government, the appeal of most unions who said they were "surprised" by the importance of mobilizing hitherto obscured by the regional elections. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 23/03/10 Nothing seen … —————————— ———- Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 23/03/10 Saint-Denis: College closed after an assault staff, who exercises his right of withdrawal, met to see how to improve security of the establishment. Read more of the article An American student output over by police A teacher from the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin called on the police to release a student angry. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 23/03/10 ————————————- Nothing seen … 23/03/10 ——— the Cafe Pedagogique Strike March 23: national education leading processions According to union estimates, teachers should be many in processions today. The ad Snuipp over 50% of strikers in the primary. A level of reliability since it relies on the statements in the minimum service. In Paris it’s two teachers of the three schools will be on strike (65%). Read more of the article Spring Monique Royer Editorial This morning I started the week, cheerful, consultant … my agenda. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 23/03/10 the State Council sanctions two teachers desobeisseurs Seized by the Ministry of education, the State Council reinstated March 17 financial sanctions imposed on two desobeisseurs teachers Herault, Bastien Cazals and Cedric Serres, for not having applied using customized according texts. A "political decision" Bastien Cazals who hired a real arm legal battle with the state. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — 23/03/10 An agreement EducPros of equal opportunities for schools Mines and Telecoms After the Ministers of Education and higher Education, it is the turn of the Minister of Industry, Christian Estrosi, signed March 23, 2010 with Sabeg, commissioner for diversity and equal opportunities, a convention for equal opportunities in access to educational excellence. A document for the ten schools Mines and Telecommunications under the supervision of the ministry. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- A selection in dispatches of 23/03/10 the UNEF "worried" about the arrival of Marc-Philippe Daubresse UNEF the first student union, said he was "worried" Tuesday’s arrival of Marc-Philippe Daubresse as Minister of Youth and solidarity, while ensuring he considers "his actions." Read more of the article SES Program in second: a project reintroduces unemployment and purchasing power A draft decree fixing the economic and social sciences program (SES) for future second class in September, introduced concepts of "purchasing power" of "added value" and "unemployment", according to a copy of the draft that AFP has obtained. Read more of the article strikers Teachers: 29.8% primary, 14.9% in secondary (Department) Teachers were 29.8% to strike Tuesday in schools and 14.9% in colleges and schools, or 21.7% on average, during the inter-action day, announced the Ministry of Education said in a statement at midday. Read more of the article Saint-Denis: Lurcat the college closed after the attack of the Deputy Principal The College Jean Lurcat of Saint-Denis was closed to students Tuesday, the day after the attack his assistant principal by two outsiders the establishment. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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